ARMO Steps to Success

1. Corporate Discovery

We have created an intensive survey designed to highlight major
initiatives and strategies within your company. This high level overview
enables the ARMO team to obtain a solid understanding of your corporate business and culture. During this executive level assessment we also
discover employee characteristics and desired improvements.

“This information is worked into the ARMO content to personalize and
focus the ARMO learning experience.”

  • Corporate Vision and Mission statements
  • Key corporate goals
  • Major initiatives within your organization.
  • Success factors within your respective industry.
  • Your corporation’s revenue, profits and image position in relation to your industry.
  • State your primary strategy for success.
  • The major processes important to your success and the key contributing factors.
  • Employee behaviors essential to your success.
  • Characterization of your company’s culture
  • Valuation and satisfaction of the following employee characteristics.
    • Initiative
    • Teamwork
    • Empowerment
    • Innovation
    • Responsibility
    • Collaboration
    • Turnover
  • Valuation and satisfaction of the following corporate characteristics.
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Quality
    • Efficiency
  • Analysis of executive team responses to the following question: If you had unlimited funds how would invest in your employees to create maximum effectiveness?

2. ARMO Workshop

using the Corporate Discovery content, we customize a three to five day workshop designed for your executive team or department heads. Participants will be immersed into the full ARMO program where they will obtain the skills to transfer their knowledge to team members.

3. Assigning Accountability/Encouragement Partners – ARMO participants will be matched with a partner

to assist with accountability, support and encouragement.

4. ARMO Company Wide

This segment consists of a three phase process delivered via modules with a self evaluation for each. Utilizing the web-based ARMO workbook and video content individuals can complete this segment in as little as three months. ARMO is a flexible system that allows for adjustment according to your corporate requirements. Your full ARMO system is a twelve month commitment during which you will benefit from constant oversight, modification, and guidance.

5. Comprehension Confirmation

Online assessments are conducted throughout the training to ensure that participants do not advance until comprehension is demonstrated. These assessments are non-threatening and are designed to foster diligence with the material while providing managers with accountability data.

6. Ongoing Support

Support is provided for a full year to insure companywide team implementation of the system. Participants will have continuous online access to training modules and video support designed to complement their specific training level. Job-related diaries and journals will be kept yielding valuable information in summarized reports.

7. Live Sessions

A series of live sessions (webinar or in person*) are provided to bring unity and emphasis to the program. These sessions are recorded and made available online for participants whose schedules do not permit attendance.

8. Assessments

There are several levels of assessment designed to characterize the ARMO program and its effectiveness:

  • The ARMO Assessment

This major assessment is given prior to and after the full course has been delivered. This assessment covers many key corporate areas and is a measurable means of determining the positive effects of ARMO.

  • Individual Assessments

The “Always Rich–ometer” helps individuals determine how they are progressing on the path to a success.

  • Program Evaluations

These assessments provide ARMO with invaluable information to serve you better.

9. Reports

The online ARMO forms are designed to collect pertinent data and provide a means of monitoring individual progress. These monthly assessments allow management to examine their team’s mindset and progress.

10. Certificate of Completion

Upon completion participants will receive their individual ARMO achievement certificate.


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