>> How does ARMO work?

>> Why does ARMO work?

>> Can ARMO be customized?

>> What does ARMO cost?

>> Are there payment plan options?

>> What is the daily time investment?

>> How long will ARMO take?

>> Is this just another motivational program?

>> Is ARMO only for upper Management?


• How does ARMO work?

ARMO is a clear and precise corporate process designed to improve all corporate functions by improving the people who do them. It is based on proven Personal Development principles that have been used by the most successful people in history. It is applied within the corporate structure in a seamless manner. It has maximum impact on outcomes with minimum time investment while learning. The process begins with a Corporate Discovery form to assess your needs, mission and goals. Then we the information from the Discovery Form to customize a workshop to launch ARMO in your company. We then get you going on your virtual journey which includes a year-long support and live coaching sessions. Regular assessments will also be conducted to verify progress and help determine areas of needed.

• Why does ARMO work?

The Personal Development principles of ARMO have been used and refined for centuries. Historically, the most talented and successful individuals saw the value of such practices and embraced them with vigor. Less talented and less insightful individuals often get exposed to such material but do not put in the time and effort to reap the benefits. ARMO is a systematic series of events and applications that will enhance your existing processes and dramatically improve team effectiveness. This is the advantage of the corporate environment. By making the ARMO principles a part of the daily routine, just as with other process improvement methodologies, employees learn to habituate the concepts and eventually will embrace them and experience life-changing behaviors. At that point, their work and their life improve dramatically.

• Can ARMO be customized?

Yes. In its basic form, ARMO contains several custom elements that are derived from the initial corporate discovery exercise. Beyond that, customization is possible to whatever level is desired. Custom features could be: o On Site Monthly/Weekly coaching o Video messages by the executive team for the employees o Video coaching for each lesson customized for your company o Time of Launch Workshop (1-5 days) o Customize the look and feel of website to company needs o Ask and you shall receive!

• What does ARMO cost?

ARMO is structured as an initial 3-day workshop for executives. After that, it is offered to the executive team as well as all employees in an online platform. The cost of this one year program varies depending on the number of employees but it is considerably less expensive in the online version. It is probably the most cost-effective broad improvement program that a corporation can pursue. Please contact us for a specific quote for your company.

• Are there payment plan options?

Yes. Payment is discussed on an individual company basis.

• What is the daily time investment?

After the initial presentation of material, ARMO will take about 15-30 minutess/day for each employee on an ongoing basis. This will be mostly geared towards corporate improvements process. There will also be weekly or bi-weekly meetings of MasterMind groups that are focused on specific issues such as improving productivity, increasing revenue, streamlining expenses and increasing profit across the board.

• How long will ARMO take?

ARMO is structured as an initial 3-day workshop for executives. After that, it is offered to employees via an online platform in a one year program. The one year program is included with the Executive workshop.

• Is this just another motivational program?

Motivational programs are great for providing a short term jolt of enthusiasm but studies show that this enthusiasm fades quickly after the event. ARMO changes the way people think, which produce changed behavior and as a result, improved outcomes. As an on-going program, ARMO goes well beyond motivational benefits. These are merely desirable side-effects compared to the deep transformational aspects of ARMO. ARMO employees are continually motivated because that is an aspect of their new persona.

• Is ARMO only for upper Management?

No. ARMO is a corporate-wide process improvement program. It is effective when administered to management and transformational when administered to an entire corporate population.